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Uber App refresh

When Uber came to Sydney 2 years ago, my peers and I were quick to jump on the bandwagon and used it often, sometimes daily if we were having a lazy week. Nowadays, even my conservative Baby Boomer mother is hopping into cars with strangers on a weekly basis. There is no denying that Uber’s…

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Nationwide Super – A new Image

A company’s identity and the ability to cultivate it correctly is paramount to its success in the ever evolving digital market. Leaving a lasting impression can create a sense of reliability for your company’s image; providing the edge it needs to pull ahead of competitors. Recently, DMG has had the pleasure of working with industry…

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DMG Redesigns Glamazon App

Glamazon is a one-stop beauty shop that delivers mobile stylists to your door and allows you to book into a salon close to you. Starting from the strategic partnership of global entrepreneur Lisa Maree and former beauty and fashion publicist, Lauren Silver, the app was founded through their desire to incorporate their regular beauty needs…

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Top 5 Digital Design Trends in 2017

Digital design trends have evolved throughout the years and have influenced developments and improvements in the digital tools we use. Such trends have emerged in design industries, through culture, media and history – as ultimately, trends are framed by the social and digital activities and have the power of changing people’s interests. Many of the…

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Web Design Trends

Flat Design & Material Design Flat Design has taken the contemporary web by storm, emphasising the drive to simplicity and practicality when thinking about UI design. Rounded corners, textures, shadows are all big no no’s; anything which distracts from the story. Very much like minimalistic design, it forces designers to focus on essentials and eliminate…

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Thinking Outside the Box

When perusing the items on sale amidst the bustle of a shopping mall, we are instinctively drawn to products that simply look good. I try to find a product that finds a balanced synergy between physical and visual design, although finance usually prevails as the voice of reason. A product is essentially a business card,…

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Future Technology – Saving data to DNA?

DNA, with its simple structure and four chemical bases that can form endless combinations, has potential information storage capacity that far outweighs anything humans have designed. It can last for thousands of years, while our best hard drives last only about fifty. Imagine if we were able to take our data and encode it in…

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Our Five Favourite Micro-Interactions

The term may be unfamiliar, but we’re all quite used to micro-interactions. They’re in every app and on every website.  Micro-interactions are short moments where you give input to an app (for example, clicking a share button), or the app gives you information (a download progress bar) based around just one task.   Some we don’t…

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Trend: Online Shopping and Video Integration

The next creative challenge for retailers will be to make online shopping experiential and to provide a digital experience at bricks-and-mortar stores. A recent trend that brings the two experiences closer together is integrating video with a shopping experience. Burberry found itself ahead of the game when it brought its rich website to life in…

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