Jeff Laflam


Jeff Laflam

Creative & Digital Strategist

Jeff (aka The Google Guy) is our UX & Digital Strategist and brings valuable knowledge and capabilities to the DMG team. With over 5 years of experience in uncovering user problems and developing insightful solutions. For the past year he’s worked on projects for various brands, including the QAGOMA, The Loop, General Assembly and several start-ups. Prior to that, he worked in product development at Google in California, helping launch new features for Search and Google Play. His work combines professionalism with creative flair and he enjoys working closely with clients in order to provide them with outcomes that meet their needs. He has a deep interest in psychology and has lead design thinking events for teams at Google, Pfizer and General Assembly.

Jeff has written several pilot scripts and during his time at Google he developed an internal comedy show. Not too long ago, believe it or not, his comedic blog saw a 100% surge in traffic – when his dad decided to join his mum in reading it.

Likes: Ping Pong, Parks and Positivity
Dislikes: Alliteration

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