Josh Cortese


Josh Cortese

Art Director

Josh is the Art Director at DMG. Having managed large scale marketing campaigns with companies such as Starbucks Australia, he is well equipped to manage the art direction of the team as well as produce high quality work himself. He has worked in an agile agency environment for over 5 years, and has subsequently developed a broad range of skills that have him getting involved with any project that walks through the door. Josh has a passion for new emerging technologies and cannot wait for a truly immersive AR horror game to be released so he can justify buying a few pairs of new pants.

Josh is an Art Director with a passion for new emerging technologies. For over 5 years he has worked alongside marketing directors from large companies such as Starbucks Australia, LinkedIn, and LJHooker. He prides himself in a strict attention to detail and keen eye for best design practices.

Likes: Piano, food, video games, and travelling
Dislikes: Summer nights, sea urchin, people suddenly stopping in a thoroughfare

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