Nick Manthorpe


Nick Manthorpe

Digital Strategy Director

Nick is a hybrid marketer and digital strategy specialist with a passion for people, brands and all things digital. He is responsible for growing DMG’s partnerships and roster of enterprise clients and opening up the conversation further to show clients how we fit in and contribute to their overall digital strategy. After graduating from UTS with an MBA and absolutely loving his design thinking courses and projects with leading firms like PwC and Suncorp, he soon found himself in the exciting world of Customer Experience (CX) consulting. Over the last number of years, Nick has increased his focus on becoming an innovative strategy specialist within the realm of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design.

Nick loves working collaboratively with his clients and isn’t afraid to bring blue-sky thinking to the table. In addition to moderate Spanish, Nick speaks fluent German.

Likes: dry-aged beef, bourbon and bungy jumping
Dislikes: slow walkers, low talkers, noisy chewers

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