Pat Mccarthy


Pat Mccarthy

Snr Accountant

My name is Carolyn and while there are a number of differentiations in the way my name is said and spelt, I like to keep it simple, so call me Caz.
Personally, I have always had an interest in marketing and the impact it makes on businesses, so it was natural that I found my way into UTS Business School and undertook a Bachelor degree in Business and majoring in Marketing and Management. During my time at university I was able to have an opportunity to accrue internships in a number of different industries such as television, fashion, beauty and law, and while I wanted to test my scope in the various fields that could potentially interest me,

I was welcomed to DMG as a Marketing and Communications Executive. DMG, a creative, digital agency allowed me to understand the purpose of design and how imperative it is to create meaningful and immersive experiences.

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing” – Tom Fishburne

Likes: Pugs, Chicken Nuggets, Pepperoni Pizza
Dislikes: Rude people, Fitness, Veggies

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