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It’s quite popular this internet thing and as a result, it’s harder than ever to get noticed online. In this digital age, increasing sales and traffic are equivalent to one’s ability to successfully utilise available marketing technologies. Banner ads are a great way of getting your message across, but all too often they are more of an annoyance than anything else thanks to poor planning and bad design. Nevertheless, don’t underestimate the value of animated banner advertising! Animated banners are still an excellent platform for advertising and developing brand recognition. As opposed to static banners, animated banners have the ability to communicate more information in a very limited space – this is all thanks to the use of different frames. For example, using just two frames, you have prompt a customer to order now, while also informing them of a special discount or a new product. A good animated banner advert is accurately targeted to the right audience and delivers the right story in the right tone, coupled with simple and attractive graphics. All of these characteristics increase the chance of an advertisement being noticed, contributing to a successful online advertising campaign. When these elements combine, the results speak for themselves in click-throughs and sales. You can avoid a great deal of wasted budget by choosing a design and animation team who understand the planning that must go into a successful display campaign, not just how to slap some graphics in the right sized box.

No matter how big or small the project we will always come up with innovative solutions to encourage viewers to navigate towards your page, with clever animations and clean graphic style, your content will stand alone amongst the media saturated world of advertising. By adding simple animations to your banners, it give you freedom to manipulate an otherwise small area of digital real estate to convey your message quickly, and more excitingly.

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Our team has extensive experience crafting a wide variety of animated banners for clients in all vertices that get them noticed. You can speak to them directly about what you need because we believe in our experts being the driving force throughout your whole project. You’ll likely be working with: Mark, Joe and Keli.

They’ve worked with a range of ad servers such as DoubleClick and Flash Talking and are able to take on everything from MPU with video through to YouTube mastheads. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, just drop us a message. We know the importance of standing out in an image-saturated market and are skilled in working to creative solutions that will increase traffic to your site and excite users to keep returning to your product.

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