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Need a good reason to get your own iOS or Android app? Here’s 5: 1. Mobile customers spend 89% of their time using apps 2. People are increasingly shopping via mobile apps 3. Apps create new leads 4. Apps help build brand loyalty 5. 7 out of 10 businesses don’t have a mobile app. You can choose to stand out from the crowd in your space by being entertaining, helpful or by solving any key problem for a user – all with a simple app. Whether you go for an Android or iOS app or both, you will be able to offer an increasingly desirable way of engaging with your business to current and future customers.

By investing in a mobile app, you are opening your business opportunities to a much larger audience. Strong app design can mean the difference between your users sticking with your product or moving on. There is currently more iPhones being sold around the world each day than babies born, a startling statistic when you consider that there is now nearly as many mobile devices in the world as there are people. The app revolution is just beginning. Mobile devices now allow you to have constant communication with and feedback from your customers who are just a swipe away. For a convenient, fast, social platform, why not let us develop an iOS or Android App for you today?

Where to start

Our team have developed apps for all kinds of clients and have developed a reliable process to help you get the app you need, on budget and on time. You can expect to work with Joe, Karen or Keli.

First they’ll explore the purpose of your app and put together a clear strategy and concept. Then they’ll take you on to the UX & design phase in which they’ll work with you to make sure your app is intuitive and beautiful. Next they’ll develop and optimize your app for your chosen platform(s), test it to ensure it works perfectly, before finally hitting the ‘Go’ button to make it live. Finally we’ll stay with you and continue to improve it as we learn together as your customers start to use it.

The mobile world is developing faster than ever, having a committed team to continuously update and improve your iOS or Android app as the market and your users start to grow is a fundamental part of creating a successful application. We will make sure your business concept is always hitting the target market and expanding your audience constantly. Beat your competitors to it, and move your business to a mobile app.

Let’s begin

Browse through our latest app design success and check out a few of our testimonials, then drop us a message below so we can chat about your new app.

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