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Close your eyes and think of a famous computer company, or car brand or grocery shop. You pictured their logo, didn’t you? That’s why having a professionally designed logo is so important. They are key to making a first and lasting impression across all your touch points, be it on or offline. Infographics compliment your branding. They are an ideal way for you to get across relatively complex information about your business in an attractive and easy to understand manner. Both require the commitment of a designer to fully understand what your business stands for and how your products or services really work, in order to create a logo or infographic which hits the sweetest of spots. Our designers were born with creativity in their blood and commitment in their bones.

We want to know everything about your business before we begin to create an identity for you. We pride ourselves on our ability to research and understand newly developed businesses as well as established brands, to create a unique logo that sets them apart from others in their field and can be implemented successfully across platform. A strong visual identity can define your brand from day one, pulling in audiences and creating a consistent language as a basis for your product. Investing in a well designed logo will set up your business for long-term customer recognition and success. Invest in the face of your brand. Gain engagement, shares and viral content with well designed, well-written infographics, because we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Eliminate text heavy areas and replace them with beautiful imagery to convey a stronger message with your own emphasis and direction, for recognition in your viewer’s memory. While simplicity is key, there is an art in developing successful, engaging infographics balancing detail with artistic contribution.

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You can start looking forward to working with a dedicated team who will set out the process for your project clearly and always be on the end of a phone or email if you need anything. With decades of experience working at the sharp end of the design world, we have the expertise and the creative intelligence to offer a wide range of logo packages and a variety of infographic styles.

We are passionate about creating brands that stand out in their field and setting you apart from your competitors begins with a strong logo, visual identity and visual language, which can be carried across all applications of your work. Whether is be for digital, or print outcomes, we have a range of experience in working with brand application and design, and we know the importance of designing and upholding a reputable, consistent visual style.

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