Publishing has evolved far beyond paper. Purple Digital Stories (also known as Purple DS®) is a publishing software that helps you create, manage and distribute content into apps across multiple devices for iOS, Android and Kindle. You can start building your app and creating engaging content without needing any new technical knowledge or coding skills. There is no other e-publishing platform as affordable or as powerful.


Purple DS Manager

The Purple DS® Manager is our intuitive management tool that enables you to build native apps and completely manage your content, users, payments, advertising and much more. Build a single issue, newsstand/library or newsfeed apps and easily integrate your existing systems or third party providers for your entitlement/ user data base, ad servers, or analytic tools.

Purple DS Composer

The Purple DS® Composer is our cutting-edge, yet simple design environment that enables you to create interactive and animated content. Transform your existing content from multiple sources into digitally optimized and engaging formats or easily create new inspiring native content. Everything is possible from simple interactions to sophisticated animations using a fully integrated keyframe animation tool.

Purple DS Templating Client

The Purple DS® Templating Client is our revolutionary transformation tool that allows you to easily convert print layouts from InDesign® into mobile optimized layouts for tablet and phone. Furthermore, our tool structures your InDesign® content automatically during transformation. Once structured, contents can be moved directly into your CMS and from there into all your channels. Automatic publishing and re-use of content is easily possible.

Our Workflows

Pixel Perfect

  • Design your own interactions and animations for mobile content
  • Start from scratch, import your InDesign®/Photoshop files or any other sources.


  • Efficient print-2-mobile transformation from InDesign®
  • Optimal layout for phones and tablets in a single step
  • Publish your content to native apps.


  • Link any type of CMS
  • Streamline through individualized, pre-defined templates
  • Publish to native apps


  • Migrate files from Adobe DPS®, Pugpig®, Oomph® or other platforms to Purple DS.
  • 1:1 copy of the former; all interactions/animations included.
  • Modify the new file with our Composer.

Have a good feeling yet? We do.

Get the most powerful and intuitive multi-channel publishing tool for a fraction of the price of other tools. Purple DS is internationally used and loved. Take your stories and experiences to a global level without any new technical knowledge.


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