Responsive web design just makes sense

There is no set screen size. Never was, never will be.

Right this minute, any one of your customers might be on a mobile, tablet, laptop, games console, desktop or even some kind of wearable device, & if your site isn’t designed to adapt to each of these different sizes of screens then many of your potential customers won’t be able to see your content properly. Luckily, responsive web design responds to whatever your customer’s device requires. Take this website for example. Try it on a different device, or if you can, grab the corner and drag your browser around. You’ll notice all the content remains visible and you can still read this no matter what. People don’t often know how it works, but they expect it anyway, because that’s just the kind of world we live in.

Responsive design is different from Mobile design as it works existing content into dynamic layouts for all browser and screen sizes. It responds to the user’s behaviour and environment giving them an effortless experience regardless of the size of their preferred device. In today’s technologically driven market, it is almost impossible to keep up with the endless new resolutions and sizes, so more people are looking towards responsive website design to solve this issue. This is achieved with the use of flexible grids, layouts and images, and special treatment of CSS media queries, eliminating the need for different development phases for every new technology that becomes prevalent in the market. Use of responsive design also means that elements resized for smaller device screens can be done so with consideration for touch or cursor navigation, and scroll functions. Responsive design increases the accessibility of your site to a wider audience and moves with the rapidly increasing gadget market.

You want it, you got it

We have a team of experienced designers and developers who can create you a brand new beautifully responsive website or even take what you have already and give it a responsive makeover. You’ll be looked after by Joe, Keli or Mark, who will listen to what you want from your site then clearly set out what your project will look like from beginning to end. You can be assured that the final solution will meet every need of your current users and increase audiences on more devices. With internet browsing on mobile now overtaking desktop use, why miss the opportunity to optimise your site for these quickly developing devices. Why not develop one immaculate site, rather than create two, for fixed sizes.

Ready to go responsive?

Have another little play with our responsive website or one of our recently completed responsive design projects and compare it to your own. Then get in touch below.

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