DMG Testimonials

ABC logo

“I collaborated with Joe while working on the Android version of iView. Joe was brought on late in the project, when we had decided on the UX and visual design direction for iView. His task was to take into account the visual style we had established and put an Android spin on it. Joe is a fantastic designer and is a joy to work with. His experience educated us on what Android visual design elements we should incorporate to allow a better engagement with our Android users. He is efficient and is always keen to iterate to better a product. Joe allowed us to quickly turn around the design within a short time and under a lot of pressure. He is a real asset to any design team and I look forward to working with him again.”

Carmine Mastrantone – ABC

Westfield logo

“Karen and I worked on the eCommerce platform together. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for user experience was impressive and inspiring. Karen balances innovation and practicality in her user first design approach to ensure the finished product solves the underlying problem.”

Lorenzo Princi – Westfield

Expiriti logo

“Keli has everything that’s needed for digital designers today. Academic and hands-on experience in interaction design, solid visual design portfolio and a very clear understanding of the latest front-end technologies. But this is half the picture only. He also possesses the humility to consider people at the centre of his designs, the drive to solve design problems, and an ethos of hard work until the job is done. It’s been a pleasure having him work on our projects at Expiriti.”

Mike Feghali – Expiriti

Google logo

“I was Jeff’s direct supervisor from August 2010 until November 2011. Jeff was a user advocate and displayed strong marketing skills. He performed well in his role and was promoted after 1.5 years into a more senior position”

Jonas Shen – Google

Vertigo logo

“Mark worked as an Art Director with nine Editors and myself to reconceptualise Vertigo Magazine for 2013. This re-design included the creation of new branding, print layout and web assets. I found Mark to be a professional, helpful and creative designer, who was always full of new ideas to complement the editor’s visions for the magazine. His design was consistently of a high standard, and he always worked to develop and improve the expression of his work within the magazine. Mark is professional in his approach to taking on feedback and collaborating with other designers, artists, photographers and illustrators.”

Fiona Dunne – Vertigo Magazine

Tribal logo

“Karen was a key part of my project team for the re-design and development of the McDonald’s Australia and New Zealand corporate websites. Without her exceptional Information Architecture skills and wireframes, the project would not have been able to progress. She has a fine attention to detail and focus on functionality and user experience. I would recommend her as a great contributor to any web project team.”

Peta Bellamy – Tribal DDB

Commonwealth Bank Logo

“Joe is a talented Visual designer with expertise in iPhone and iPad designs. I got a chance to work with Joe for the CommonWealth Bank of Australia – CommBiz project. Joe is very prompt in terms of his work and comes up with multiple design options with a great turn around time. Joe has a sweet blend of elegant designing along with the solid foundation of digital arts. Its been a pleasure to work with Joe and looking for more collaboration in iPad version of the Commbiz.”

Tejas Beri – CommBank

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